Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby stuff

We are down to 4 weeks! I cannot believe it's getting so close. I have 4 days left of school--Praise the Lord! If anyone is still looking to buy any baby gifts--there are many items left on our Babies r'Us registry. We have recieved just about everything on our Target list (THANKS EVERYONE!!!) and people keep asking... Just search for "Jennifer" or "Brad" Davis of "Cypress" at the home page. Keep us in your prayers these last few weeks...Baby Davis will be here before you know it!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

About 5 weeks to go...

Well, I had another appointment yesterday. Things again look, "Just about perfect." I argued that my feet definitely dont seem "perfect." They are so swollen by the end of every day--I cannot wear any shoes! The doc says I need to stay off of them...yeah, that isn't how teaching really works. Although, I will say, my students have been GREAT about letting me sit, and running errands for me. I have about 9 days left of the school year...and then, I can follow doctor's orders and actually get off my feet and chill before the baby comes! Can I just say, I am SOOOOOOO excited about meeting this baby! I know that sounds silly, but I am just in awe of the miracle of pregnancy, and bringing a child into this world! God is amazing!