Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Friday, February 1, 2013

Party Pictures

                                           The cake table
                                                  Birthday girl "throne"

                                                       New Tricycle
                                            Ready for Cake!

                                          The singing...
                                             Family photo...
                                                   Eating cake!!

Sommer is ONE YEAR OLD!

Yes, it's true...Our sweet Sommer is ONE! It has been the quickest year in the history of my life...seriously. It feels like she was just born! As sad as it is, to see my baby growing up so fast, it has been an EXCITING year! Sommer is a very unique little girl. I am daily amazed at her abilities, and so blessed to watch her grow...
Here is a character profile of our sweet girl, in honor of her 1st birthday:
*Sommer is, and always has been, a big girl! She weighs 23 pounds, and 4 ounces, and is 30 inches tall--coming in at the 90th %ile for weight, and the 85th %ile for height. Her doctor is always amazed at her growth, and we are so proud of our healthy baby girl!
*Sommer is a master of balance and physical ability! When she started walking before the 9 month marker, we knew we had a special girl on our hands...but that wasn't our first clue! She rolled over at less than 4 months, and crawled at only 6 months. She continues to amaze us with her kinesthetics, by climbing everything, (she can even get onto the couch unassisted) walking backwards, jumping, and twirling around and around, without losing her balance! 
*Sommer is a sponge! She soaks up EVERYTHING! She loves waving "bye bye," clapping, humming when she hears music, saying "No, no!" "Mama" and "Dada," and attempting to feed herself with a spoon. She watches Brooke very closely, and truly believes that she can do anything her big sis can do! It honestly won't be long...
*Sommer is a funny girl! She stomps her feet when she doesn't get her way, laughs when Mommy asks her if she is ready to eat, spills cups of water on her sister in the tub, dances whenever she hears music, rubs food in her hair, steals food off of Brooke's plate, and runs away; and hides things in the dishwasher!
*Sommer is busy! She pulls everything off of the shelves in the living room, daily; dumps bins of toys all over the playroom, drags all of Mommy's tupperware out of the cabinets, pulls laundry off of the couch, as soon as it is folded, unrolls the toilet paper (& eats it) if we leave the door open, and drags all of the shoes she can find, all over the house! She keeps us on our toes--that is for sure!
*Sommer is a UNIQUE and special gift from God. We are SOOOOO blessed that He chose us to raise her, and love her, and get her ready to change the world!! We are excited about the gifts he has granted her, and are honored to be her family.
Happy first birthday, Sommer Colette! We love you!!
Mommy, Daddy, and Brooke

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


My laptop has recently returned home, from a long long journey to the warranty repair center. Coming soon...I will update this blog with all that you have been missing!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yeah...I know

Okay, yes, I know...I haven't posted in FOR-EV-ER. Life, as always, has been busy. I returned to in-house teaching second summer session, which had me out of the house was quite an adjustment for our family. For Daddy, it was the coming home to the girls, as Mommy was walking out the door. Lots of new responsibilities...which, of course, he handled with his usual chilled out style. For me, it was a serious separation anxiety situtation. Up until that point, Sommer and I had been apart for next to no time at all...and leaving her had me crying all the way to campus for the first week. For Brooke, it was a bit of separation anxiety also. She and I had quite the daily rhythm going, and she cried a bit that first week, too. For Sommer, it was food--and if you have met, or even really seen Sommer, you know that she doesn't mess around with eating. She had to go without eating for the 3 hours I was in class, and she DID NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT!
Needless, to say, we all survived. Daddy found his own rhythm with the girls, Mommy put her big-girl panties on, Brooke remembered just how very tightly Daddy is wrapped around her little finger, and Sommer started solids a few weeks in, and therefore had other options for curing her never-ending appetite, in Mommy's absence.
After a one-week hiatus (Mommy's official "summer break"), complete with a nice little family getaway to God's Country ;) -- Mommy is back at school 4 days a week, for the Fall term, and we are all doing just fine.
It was a whirlwind of a summer, complete with 2 beach trips (one to Galveston, one to Surfside) and as I mentioned, our trip to the best cities in Texas...Austin & New Braunfels. We enjoyed a nice family weekend, at Lake Travis, where we hung out at Carlos and Charlies; Gruene, where we did a little shopping, eating, and relaxing during market days; and New Braunfels, where we hung out on the river in Landa Park, and of course did the train ride.
We took our summer family pictures (always a joy ;) --haha) in early August, which is where I will leave you...
Hugs and Love! B-J-B-S

Friday, July 20, 2012

Brooke turns 3!

Brooke is officially 3! The past year has been a big one for our sweet girl, and every day we grow more proud of the little lady she is becoming. God certainly blessed us, when he sent us our sweet, daring, helpful, demanding, kind-hearted first daughter. I am honored to be her Mommy, and heart-broken at how fast she is growing up!
Age 3 stats: 
Height: 38 1/2 inches
Weight: 32 lbs.
Shoe size: 7 1/2
Clothing size: 3T
Siblings: 1 sweet sister
Favorite foods: strawberries, blueberry muffins, mac & cheese with broccoli, cookie cake, sesame chicken and fried rice
Favorite colors: red, blue & yellow
Hobbies: being a mommy to her baby dolls, puzzles, singing/dancing, swimming, dress up, crafts, baking with Mommy, bath time
Obsessions: the alphabet, her sister, being called "Princess Brooke," Eli Young Band, the moon, palm trees, the beach
Temperament: sweet and agreeable, occasionally sassy, with a trantrum sprinkled in
Biggest accomplishments of the past year: becoming a big sister in January, learning to ride her tricycle, going down the big slide at the pool, learning the dinner time prayer, being a flower girl!

Birthday Pics:             

Before her swimming party...
 At the party, in the pool...
          Cake time...

         Just woke up, on her actual birthday...
             At the zoo for her birthday....

            Out for her birthday dinner @ Texas Roadhouse...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Recent Pictures

I know, I know, it's been SOOOOO long. I have been busy, but I am about to get busier, so I figured it was time for a quick update...
She is GROWING! She is just over 18 lbs, and not quite 4 months! She is a chubby little sweetie. She smiles ALL THE TIME, can roll over both ways, like a pro, she reaches for everything in sight, loves pulling Mommy and Brooke's hair, sucks on her pointer and middle fingers to self-soothe,  falls asleep as soon as she gets in the car, and takes meal-time VERY seriously! She gets up to eat 2-3 times every night, and takes 2 great naps every day. She LOVES her Mommy...and gives the sweetest cuddles in the world.
She is ALMOST 3! I can hardly believe it! We will be celebrating he birthday with a pool party, at the end of next month. She can be very helpful, if she so chooses, but gets a big kick out of pretending to be a baby, too! I know it's a phase, so we try to play along. She LOVES her baby sister and gives her very big kisses and smothery hugs...we are working on being gentle...although Sommer seems to find it funny! She now gets to walk in the grocery store, (not sure where else to put her) and seems to be handling it pretty well, for the most part.  She talks ALL the time, loves applesauce and riding her bike, has become Daddy's little girl BIG TIME, and loves to sing and dance.
I will be starting back at Lonestar in just a few weeks, teaching both summer school terms. The 1st term, I will be teaching online, which is new for me, so keep me in your prayers, I am a little apprehensive. I am so busy, keeping house, making meals and loving on my baby girls...I am just not sure how I will fit anything else in, but I know God will give me strength. Brooke and I have started some at-home preschool activities, which I hope to increase and continue. She loves it, and I think she is learning a lot. We recently paid off my Trailblazer (hooray!), and in the fall, I have an EXCITING new job offer with Concordia University Texas...stay tuned for details.
The girls and I are so blessed to have such a hard-working father and husband. He has been working LOTS, lately, as his company is swamped. We are grateful for the times that we have him home!! He and Brooke get up every Saturday morning to make pancakes together, which Brooke loves, and recently, he built the girls a fort, complete with a slide, in the back-yard!! He does a great job maintaining our lawn and landscaping, at home, and is ALWAYS looking for a good weekend project. I am so blessed to have a wonderful partner, in this crazy-beautiful life.
We recently took a weekend trip to Galveston, for Mother's Day, and had a blast, enjoying family time. Brooke LOVED the sand and the waves, and sea shell hunting with Daddy. Sommer opted for a nap in the shade.  We hope to head back to the Central Texas lakes in a few weeks to celebrate Father's Day.
May God bless you all...thanks for stopping by,
Hugs and Love!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a blessed Easter weekend. We went to the neighborhood festivities on Saturday. We rode the train...And met the Easter Bunny...haha. Brooke was not a fan.
On Sunday, our girls looked like fluffy princesses for church...
Sommer was so smiley in her pretty pink dress...think we have another girly girl on our hands!

Sommer's Holy Day!

Sommer's special day was a huge success!She was officially 2 months old ON her baptism day!

With all of her cousins, who came to celebrate!
Our family at church, after the baptism.
With her Godparents: Uncle Matt & Aunt Melanie Wied, & Uncle Britt & Aunt Kristen Davis.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fab Family of Four!

I am so glad to say, that we are really finding our rhythm as a family of FOUR! Yes, there are days when I am so exhausted I can hardly survive the day...but those days are definitely the minority, and becoming less and less frequent. Sommer is a GREAT baby. She eats well, and sleeps well, and has cut her night-time feedings down to only 2, most nights. She is so smiley and happy, and is getting SO big, so fast. Her two month check up is tomorrow, and we are so anxious to hear her stats. I am thankful for the sweet, mellow demeanor of my second child, as these days, my first child demands quite a bit of Mommy's attention. I chalk this up to a little bit of insecurity over the arrival of Sommer, mixed with the "terrible twos." Brooke LOVES her baby sister, and cannot stop loving on her. She wants to help me do everything, which is so sweet, and requires a LOT of patience on my part. I am happy to say that the feeling is mutual--Sommer loves Brooke too! She smiles the biggest smiles when Brooke talks to her. Seeing my girls together melts my heart...I am SO happy that they will always have eachother...forever best friends.
Time is flying, and I know that is a cliche'--but seriously, I cannot believe Sommer is already 2 months old!
I will be teaching again, at Lone Star College, starting this summer. During the 1st session, I will be teaching online, and returning to classroom teaching in the second session. We will need LOTS of prayers, as we make this transition, as Brad has no real experience in caring for both girls, on his own, as of yet. I know he will do great...but of course, it makes me nervous!! I am also a little nervous about teaching online, as I haven't done this before, and I do not really know what to expect. Thanks so much for your prayers.
This Sunday, on Sommer's 2 month birthday, she will be baptized! We are so excited to have all of our family in town for the blessed joyous occasion.
I will post more pictures after her special day.
Hugs and love!