Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yeah...I know

Okay, yes, I know...I haven't posted in FOR-EV-ER. Life, as always, has been busy. I returned to in-house teaching second summer session, which had me out of the house was quite an adjustment for our family. For Daddy, it was the coming home to the girls, as Mommy was walking out the door. Lots of new responsibilities...which, of course, he handled with his usual chilled out style. For me, it was a serious separation anxiety situtation. Up until that point, Sommer and I had been apart for next to no time at all...and leaving her had me crying all the way to campus for the first week. For Brooke, it was a bit of separation anxiety also. She and I had quite the daily rhythm going, and she cried a bit that first week, too. For Sommer, it was food--and if you have met, or even really seen Sommer, you know that she doesn't mess around with eating. She had to go without eating for the 3 hours I was in class, and she DID NOT LIKE THAT ONE BIT!
Needless, to say, we all survived. Daddy found his own rhythm with the girls, Mommy put her big-girl panties on, Brooke remembered just how very tightly Daddy is wrapped around her little finger, and Sommer started solids a few weeks in, and therefore had other options for curing her never-ending appetite, in Mommy's absence.
After a one-week hiatus (Mommy's official "summer break"), complete with a nice little family getaway to God's Country ;) -- Mommy is back at school 4 days a week, for the Fall term, and we are all doing just fine.
It was a whirlwind of a summer, complete with 2 beach trips (one to Galveston, one to Surfside) and as I mentioned, our trip to the best cities in Texas...Austin & New Braunfels. We enjoyed a nice family weekend, at Lake Travis, where we hung out at Carlos and Charlies; Gruene, where we did a little shopping, eating, and relaxing during market days; and New Braunfels, where we hung out on the river in Landa Park, and of course did the train ride.
We took our summer family pictures (always a joy ;) --haha) in early August, which is where I will leave you...
Hugs and Love! B-J-B-S

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