Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Brad, Jenn, Brooke and Sommer Davis

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sommer is ONE YEAR OLD!

Yes, it's true...Our sweet Sommer is ONE! It has been the quickest year in the history of my life...seriously. It feels like she was just born! As sad as it is, to see my baby growing up so fast, it has been an EXCITING year! Sommer is a very unique little girl. I am daily amazed at her abilities, and so blessed to watch her grow...
Here is a character profile of our sweet girl, in honor of her 1st birthday:
*Sommer is, and always has been, a big girl! She weighs 23 pounds, and 4 ounces, and is 30 inches tall--coming in at the 90th %ile for weight, and the 85th %ile for height. Her doctor is always amazed at her growth, and we are so proud of our healthy baby girl!
*Sommer is a master of balance and physical ability! When she started walking before the 9 month marker, we knew we had a special girl on our hands...but that wasn't our first clue! She rolled over at less than 4 months, and crawled at only 6 months. She continues to amaze us with her kinesthetics, by climbing everything, (she can even get onto the couch unassisted) walking backwards, jumping, and twirling around and around, without losing her balance! 
*Sommer is a sponge! She soaks up EVERYTHING! She loves waving "bye bye," clapping, humming when she hears music, saying "No, no!" "Mama" and "Dada," and attempting to feed herself with a spoon. She watches Brooke very closely, and truly believes that she can do anything her big sis can do! It honestly won't be long...
*Sommer is a funny girl! She stomps her feet when she doesn't get her way, laughs when Mommy asks her if she is ready to eat, spills cups of water on her sister in the tub, dances whenever she hears music, rubs food in her hair, steals food off of Brooke's plate, and runs away; and hides things in the dishwasher!
*Sommer is busy! She pulls everything off of the shelves in the living room, daily; dumps bins of toys all over the playroom, drags all of Mommy's tupperware out of the cabinets, pulls laundry off of the couch, as soon as it is folded, unrolls the toilet paper (& eats it) if we leave the door open, and drags all of the shoes she can find, all over the house! She keeps us on our toes--that is for sure!
*Sommer is a UNIQUE and special gift from God. We are SOOOOO blessed that He chose us to raise her, and love her, and get her ready to change the world!! We are excited about the gifts he has granted her, and are honored to be her family.
Happy first birthday, Sommer Colette! We love you!!
Mommy, Daddy, and Brooke

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